My favorite Wedding Photos

Bride and groom at Bus stop in Puerta de Alcala- wedding photographers in Madrid

Bride and groom at Panajachel piers with volcanoes in Lake Atitlan- Hotel Atitlan wedding photographers

Bride and groom dancing at party in Xcaret Park - Cancun Mexico destination wedding photographers

Bride and groom holding hands and Golden Gate Bridge- San Francisco wedding photographers

Bride and groom in forest with religious statues-wedding photographers in Guatemala

Bride and groom kissing in classic car- Weddings in Antigua Guatemala

Bride and groom kissing with flower girl eating smores in San Bernardo - Guatemala wedding photos

Bride and groom on lifeguard stand in Miami Beach- Jewish wedding photographers at The Palms Hotel

Bride and groom practicing first dance with kids peeking- Hacienda Nueva Guatemala wedding photographer

Bride and groom reflected on a pool at  Caribbean Island wedding - Blue Waters Resort Antigua and Barbuda wedding photographers

Bride and groom walking in the cobblestone streets of Antigua- Weddings in Antigua Guatemala

Bride and groom walking on Pier in Azul Fives Hotel - Playa del Carmen wedding photographers

Bride and groom with Fire volcano in eruption in Antigua Guatemala- La Reunión Golf Resort Wedding photographers

Bride dancing in Maori Marae in New Zealand- Wedding photographers in Auckland

Bride getting ready for Beach wedding at Azul Fives Hotel- Wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen

Bride in car with reflection of Capuchinas ruins- Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala wedding photographer

Bride reflected in mirror with flower girl- Wedding photographers in Guatemala

Bride with cowboy boots and classic pick up truck- Guatemala weddings photographer

Bride with parents seen through window of classic car- Guatemala wedding photographer

Close up portrait of bride covered by her veil- Wedding photographers Casa Santo Domingo

Dancing limbo at wedding- Antigua Guatemala destination weddings

Engagement photo session at Parque del Retiro in Madrid- Spain wedding photographers

Fireworks at wedding at La Reunion Golf Resort- Antigua Guatemala wedding photographers

Flower girl smiling during wedding ceremony-Antigua Guatemala wedding photographers

Flower girls giggling in church- destination wedding photographers Antigua Guatemala

Garden wedding in with night view of San Salvador- El Salvador wedding photographer

Groom and groomsmen smoking cigars-Antigua Guatemala wedding photographers

Groom´s dad giving funny speech-Wedding photographers of El Salvador

Jewish beach wedding ceremony under palm trees at sunset in Carlisle Bay Hotel- Antigua and Barbuda wedding photographers

Night photo of bride and groom with Palacio de Correos- Madrid Spain wedding photographers

Night photo of bride and ring bearer with candles- Casa Santo Domingo wedding photographers

Ring bearer kids laughing at wedding in San Bernardo- wedding photographers in Guatemala

Wedding party at Capuchinas ruins- Wedding photographer Antigua Guatemala

My favorite Photos of Recent Weddings

This is a selection of photos of some of my favorite destination weddings. I always like to include landmarks that help us tell the story of the different places we visit as wedding photographers and videographers. In these images you will see Puerta de Alcala, Palacio de Correos and Parque del Retiro in Madrid, Spain, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Volcanoes at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Colonial ruins of churches and cobblestone streets in Antigua Guatemala, Maori Marae in Auckland, New Zealand, Palm trees in the caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda, and turquoise water and white sands in Miami and Playa del Carmen/Cancun in Mexico.